Bay of Fundya Remains a Treasure Trove of Dinosaur Fossils

Paleontologists continue to unearth prehistoric dinosaur bones along the northern shore of Nova Scotia. The bones—believed to be from the shoulders or hips—were buried in red sandstone along the island’s northern shore before waves recently revealed them. 

"The Bay of Fundy is producing the world's highest tides and eroding these cliffs very quickly," Tim Fedak, the director and curator for the Fundy Geological Museum told CBC News. "Our museum is here and we're down at the beach very frequently. We can see the bones immediately."

Most Expansive Mansion in Quebec History Goes for $13.5 million

What does $13.25 million buy? A mystery buyer answered that question with keys to the most expensive mansion in the history of Quebec.

The stone-clad 20-room mansion dominates a roughly 6.5-acre estate with a private dock and three detached guest homes, according to brokerage firm Royal LePage.

The Quebec mansion's foyer features a dramatic curved staircase and marble floor.

Toronto's Smartphone Sanitizer Wins Big at Business Pitch Competiton

A machine capable of eradicating germs from smartphones recently earned a Toronto startup more than $650,000. The aptly named CleanSlate sanitizes with ultraviolet rays and is gaining traction in the care centers and hospitals, where cell phones riddled with bacteria routinely infect vulnerable patients.

London Mayor’s Road Proposal Criticized as 'Insane’

Citizens and politicians alike publicly scorned a proposal for subterranean roadways originating in Canada Water. Mockery reigned down on London mayor Boris Johnson during a question-and-answer session at city hall shortly after proposing the idea of underground tunnels.

“It would swamp the area with more cars and jam up local roads. It is a completely insane proposal,” said Val Shawcross, a London assembly member who represents Southwark and Lambeth. “For Boris to sit there talking about this shows that he has utterly lost touch with reality.”

Study: Nearly Everyone on Highway 401 Breaks Speed Limit

The overwhelming majority of drivers on Canada’s busiest highway flat-out ignore the speed limit, a recent study shows. More than 80 percent of the drivers on Highway 401 surpassed the posted speed limit, according to CBC Marketplace, which monitored a segment near Toronto over the course of three days.

Ontario’s speed limits are among the lowest in the world and may require an update, one expert said.

Trudeau to Discuss Future of Fighter Jet Deal With U.S.

Justin Trudeau already navigates a political and public relations minefield, and he hasn’t even started his term as Canadian Prime Minister.

The freshly elected Trudeau intends to consult President Barack Obama before restarting the process of replacing Canada's aging fleet of combat jets.

Trudeau’s campaign centered on abandoning an existing plan to purchase F-35 jets from Lockheed Martin, replacing it with an open bidding process for less expensive aircraft. Trudeau wants to talk things over with the United States before pulling back from the stated agreement for F-35s.

Ontario Leaders Seek Regulation in Sharing Economy

Sharing is not only caring, it’s an economic strategy Ontario politicians want to keep tabs on. Uber, airbnb and Toronto’s own Rover allow people to pocket extra cash sharing their cars, homes and parking spaces, causing uproar from hotels and taxi services.

A former leader of the provincial Progressive Conservatives unveiled a plan that would enact safety regulations and licensing obligations for specific sectors of the sharing economy.

Government of Canada invests in Atlantic Gateway International Marketing Initiative

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, today announced an investment of up to $110,500 to the Halifax International Airport Authority to support the Altitudes East Air Access Forums in 2015 and 2017

Government of Canada invests in new Atlantic Gateway International Marketing Initiative

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, today announced an investment of up to $500,000 to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to support its Port of Sydney Development Corporation Gateway Project.

Harper government invests in new Asia-Pacific Gateway transportation infrastructure projects

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, today announced an investment of approximately $16.5 million for nine Asia-Pacific Gateway transportation infrastructure projects in British Columbia that support Asia-Pacific trade and boost the competitive advantages of Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway.