Increasing safety of Canadians by investing in rail improvements

The Government of Canada is significantly increasing its investment, and expanding eligibility criteria to reduce injuries and fatalities, and increase public safety around the railway system.

Minister Garneau establishes task force to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians on Canada's roadways

The Government of Canada understands that cyclists and pedestrians expect their roads to be safe. They rely on them to commute to work, to explore their communities, and to get their families home safely.

Canada's Head Statistician Resigns

The head of Statistics Canada stepped down Friday, moments after saying the agency has been stripped of its independence and lost its ability to safeguard private information.

Wayne Smith, who had lead StatsCan since 2010 and been with the organization for 35 years, presented his concerns in a resignation email Friday. His decision revolves around the government transferring StatsCan's massive data holdings to Shared Services, the Canada's federally operated IT department

Quebec Air Drops Rabies Treatment for Racoons

Safety officials are once again air dropping rabbies vaccines to prevent wildlife from spreading the disease into Quebec. The packets, which resemble little raviolis and throw off a scent enticing to animals, are being dispersed among heavily wooded areas, abandoned barns, swamps, and small towns. 

In total, the Ministry of Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks plans to dump 600,000 packets of the vaccines this year. Raccoons are the main target, though foxes, skunks, and other small mammals are part of the focus as well.

The governments of Canada and Northwest Territories launch a project to help protect northern roads in the face of climate change

A safe, secure and efficient transportation system is crucial to the viability and socio-economic welfare of northern communities and contributes to economic opportunities in the North

Government of Canada invests in Infrastructure at Wabush Airport, Newfoundland and Labrador

The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of local airports to connect rural communities with major centres across the country, providing essential services through safe and efficient airport operations. Through its Atlantic Growth Strategy, the federal government is working together with the four Atlantic Provinces to build a vibrant and stable economic future for the region that supports the middle class and addresses current and emerging regional challenges.

Highway 13 in Aldergrove to be widened to support cross-border traffic

Providing community residents and businesses with modern, reliable and sustainable public infrastructure opens doors to good jobs, helps create economic growth and fosters a strong middle class, and provides opportunities for a better quality of life to everyone

Minister Garneau visits the Innovative Vehicle Institute and the Motor Vehicle Test Centre

Most Canadians drive or ride in cars, vans, buses or trucks to get where they want and need to go.

Announcement of opportunity cost study for the La Vérendrye Boulevard expansion and extension project

Steven MacKinnon, Member of Parliament for Gatineau, on behalf of the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, and Marc Carrière, Parliamentary Assistant to Quebec's Minister of Education...

Highway 1 improvements now complete from Monte Creek to Pritchard

A major project to improve safety on the Trans-Canada Highway between Monte Creek and Pritchard, approximately 30 kilometres east of Kamloops is now complete