Un-Bear-Ably Cute: Manitoba Man Photographs Polar Frolicking in Fireweed

A Manitoba man's photos of polar bears lolling about Canadian grasslands received international acclaim. New York based website MyModernMet selected Dennis Fast's work as one of the best photos of 2015.

Fast took the photographs on an island off the Hudson Bay Coast while leading film crews and service as a guide for Churchill Wild. Fast doesn't focus on the job's inherent danger, though he surrounds himself with an electrified fence as Polar bears are known to stalk and prey on humans. However, Fast said, the bears typically show the most aggression late in the year when they are the hungriest.

Dennis Fast Photography

The winning photo shows a bear amidst a vibrant bouquet of fireweeds.

"It's very striking to see that white animal surrounded by … a pink, purple field of flowers and it's wonderful," Fast told CBC News.

Fast keeps his distance, but seeks the bear's attention when taking pictures. While photographing animals, which Fast does frequently, he said he is always looking for more than a simple portrait. "That interaction, the sort of humour about the bear loafing … kicking back, kicking up his feet and yet keeping an eye on me. All of that eye contact is what's so exquisite about it." 

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