Toronto's Smartphone Sanitizer Wins Big at Business Pitch Competiton

A machine capable of eradicating germs from smartphones recently earned a Toronto startup more than $650,000. The aptly named CleanSlate sanitizes with ultraviolet rays and is gaining traction in the care centers and hospitals, where cell phones riddled with bacteria routinely infect vulnerable patients.

A Toronto startup devised CleanSlate, a device that uses UV rays to sanitize cell phones."What our engineering team has been able to do is create something that is really safe, really intuitive and very quick," said Taylor Mann, CleanSlate’s CEO. "We're targeting C. difficile, MRSA, VRE — the really dangerous hospital-borne superbugs that these facilities are really concerned about."

Cleansing takes 30 seconds, providing the user time to wash their hands before collecting their device. Three Ontario-area hospitals employ the $4,500 device that’s about the size of a microwave.

CleanSlate received the financial award at 43North, a business pitch competition in Buffalo, N.Y.