Ryan Gosling Playfully Avoids Canadian Heritage on "Saturday Night Live"

Heartthrob Ryan Gosling gently teased his Canadian heritage during the monologue of the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live."

The academy award-nominated actor grew up in Cornwall, Ont., but spoke with a Brooklyn accent to start the segment. He claimed to enjoy being in his native New York for the holidays, prompting cast member Cecily Strong to point out his Canadian heritage. Gosling countered that now's not the best time to say you're an immigrant to the United States, alluding to the xenophobic rhetoric of presidential hopeful Donald Trump and the majority of states refusing to accept Syrian refugees.

SNL alumn and fellow Canadian Mike Myers joined Gosling on stage and urged him to take pride in his roots. Myers suggested forms of Canadian national pride exist in the form of "our hunky new prime minister Trudeau, Degrassi Junior High, and Sir Justin Bieber. The segment paid homage to Molson beer and culminated with a musical tribute to Christmas in Canada with a guest appearance from Bonhomme, mascot of Quebec City's Winter Carnival.