Quebec Air Drops Rabies Treatment for Racoons

Safety officials are once again air dropping rabbies vaccines to prevent wildlife from spreading the disease into Quebec. The packets, which resemble little raviolis and throw off a scent enticing to animals, are being dispersed among heavily wooded areas, abandoned barns, swamps, and small towns. 

In total, the Ministry of Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks plans to dump 600,000 packets of the vaccines this year. Raccoons are the main target, though foxes, skunks, and other small mammals are part of the focus as well.

"They're like little treats for the raccoons," said Marianne Gagnier, the biologist in charge of the operation.

The air drop is a response to a rabies scare in northern New York state, and has been an annual occurence since 2006. Quebec's last reported case of rabies dates back to 2009. 

Though the vaccines are technically safe for human consumption, the ministry advises against injestion.