London Mayor’s Road Proposal Criticized as 'Insane’

Citizens and politicians alike publicly scorned a proposal for subterranean roadways originating in Canada Water. Mockery reigned down on London mayor Boris Johnson during a question-and-answer session at city hall shortly after proposing the idea of underground tunnels.

“It would swamp the area with more cars and jam up local roads. It is a completely insane proposal,” said Val Shawcross, a London assembly member who represents Southwark and Lambeth. “For Boris to sit there talking about this shows that he has utterly lost touch with reality.”

Lambeth expressed disgust at the potential price of the project, citing a similar proposal from 2013 that estimated a cost of £30bn.

The proposed tunnels, and other city plans, will be on display during an exhibition in January, according to the mayor’s office.