Breathe It In: Canada Company Sells Air to China

Beijing's "Red Alert" air quality has a Canadian company rolling in green. Vitality Air, an Alberta-based company selling air bottled in the Rocky Mountains, has sold thousands of canisters to Chinese citizens in recent weeks.
The sales spike piggybacks China's government issuing multiple "Red Alerts" in December, urging people to stay indoors to try and avoid the toxic smog. Vitality Air's 7.7-liter containers filled with air from Banff National Park sell for about 100 Yuan ($21.52 Canadian) apiece. Vitality Air isn't pioneering a market, as Chinese entrepreneurs have also sold bottled air to citizens in recent years.
Financially well-off women account for most of the sales, said Harrison Wang, Vitality Air's representative for China. People are sharing the bottles as gifts and giving them to their children, or keeping them for personal use.
"In China, fresh air is a luxury, something so precious," Wang told The Science Times in late December.
Vitality Air began in 2014 and started doing business in China in October.