Wash Mitts Not Just For Car Care All-Stars

For years sponges were the only choice when washing a vehicle by hand. But wash mitts, which can be worn like a glove, have become a go-to for car care professionals and enthusiasts alike.

What are they made of, and what should you look for when buying?

Experts suggest wash mitts made with Chenille microfiber. The material is typically wound into noodle-like strands. Besides wash mitts, Chenille microfiber is often used to make dusters and handheld floor polishers.

Here's what to look for in a wash mitt and how to properly use one:

  • Elastic cuff: A cuff that stretches and fits over your wrist will keep the wash mitt fitting snugly.
  • Machine washable. Look for a mitt that can be machine washed to keep it lasting longer.
  • Chenille microfiber. Absorbent, plush, soft and durable, this material makes for a reliable wash mitt.
  • Use two buckets when washing. One bucket for soapy water, the other to rinse the wash mitt. Keeping separate buckets helps ensure grit is removed from the mitt and not transferred during washing.