Multipoint Inspection: Assessing Winter's Toll On Your Ride

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. It’s also a time for tending to things we’ve been putting off while the weather is rotten, like vehicle maintenance.

There’s only a few short months before stifling summer heat arrives. That makes now the perfect time to get your vehicle inspected to see how it fared after a long winter.

A multipoint inspection, a service offered in virtually every service center and repair shop, offers a thorough outline of what problems might arise or what repairs may be looming.

Exactly what’s covered in a multipoint inspection may differ from place to place, but generally the service includes a check of the brakes, belts, hoses, fluid levels and electrical system.

A multipoint inspection gives you the latest information on your vehicle’s health, and can help you plan maintenance and repair expenses in the coming months.

  • Battery: The inspection will gauge the condition of your battery while checking the terminal and cables for corrosion.
  • Brake wear: Techs will monitor pads. Worn pads can make stopping difficult or damage more expensive brake components.
  • Fluids: Technicians will look for leaks and make sure your coolant, brake and transmission fluids aren’t too low or high.
  • Lights: They will check for brightness and the turn signal’s functionality.
  • Tires: Along with air pressure and tread depth, technicians will check for wear and can rotate the tires.