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Bring More With You, Install a Roof Rack

You can't take it all with you, though the right roof rack can haul quite a bit this holiday season.

Check Off These Services as Old Man Winter Rolls On

You’re 20 minutes into the holiday vacation when you notice your vehicle’s heater isn’t producing much warm air and the headlights are dim.

A winter inspection could have discovered the little things that turn into big headaches on the road. See our recommended checklist.

Avoid Losing Your Grip on Winter Roads

Tires are made to do one thing--grip the road. Are your treads ready to see you through the winter?

How to Keep Your Ride Looking Sharp in Winter

Harsh road grime can damage exterior surfaces

A little time and effort now means far less work making the car look sharp when the days get longer this spring.

Enforcement Ramps Up For Holidays

Law enforcement agencies across Canada intend to be very visible with zero tolerance for impaired driving this holiday season. That means random DUI checkpoints and patrols seeking out impaired drivers.


Fall Car Care Tips Keep Winter Shine

Keeping a vehicle looking sharp throughout the winter takes some effort. Snow, mud, road salt, ice--even dirty shoes--conspire to ravage every vehicle finish in sight.

Automotive care experts have some suggestions on weathering the winter.

Latest Mapping Apps Tackle Issues Caused By Distracted Driving

Digital navigation systems were revolutionary when the program’s only task was displaying a map. Now the technology awaits in every smartphone as specialized apps help secure dinner reservations and lead the way in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

Squeaky Brakes? Time For Inspection

Responsive brakes are always important, but they take on added significance in the winter--when there’s even less margin for error behind the wheel.

Autumn Inspection For Winter Warmth

Your family doesn’t need to wear parkas to stay warm in your vehicle this winter. You may just need your climate control system inspected.

Turn Faded Lenses Into Bright Beacons

Those bright bulbs in your headlights don’t help much if the plastic guarding them is cloudy and stained.

Summer sun turns clear composites into hazy lenses and can dramatically reduce visibility. It makes night driving potentially hazardous as drivers encounter autumn’s shorter days and longer, darker nights.